Ambius Brand Makes Sense

June 15, 2011 - 11:58 pm


While certainly not a new brand rollout, the brand identity and design execution for Buffalo Grove based Ambius is notably successful, well done, and worth a closer look.

In March of 2007, the parent company of what would become Ambius announced a new global brand name for their in-office tropical plants division, wisely separating themselves from the previous awkward and mildly ironic brand name Rentokil. The redesign was done by London based fst.

The leaf symbol is an obvious choice for this type of business, yet somehow it doesn’t feel obvious, it just feels right-on. According to the Ambius brand standards, the five leaves represent the five senses. One could also interpret the form to represent a gestural human figure. Most likely though, the five leaves probably represent a plant, which would make perfect sense here.

The logotype is set in a face reminiscent of Futura in the now ubiquitous lowercase treatment. Its worth pointing out however that this mark predates the ‘all lowercase all the time’ trend by at least a few years. Also worth noting is the design avoids using the leaf symbol to dot the “i” in the name. Altogether, the brand signature is a winner.

Where this brand really shines is in its execution and application. The company seems to be aware of this because they apply it everywhere: stationery, web pages, livery, uniforms, even the watering cans their workers carry around the offices they service. And good on them… Ambius has obviously seen the value in creating and nurturing their new brand identity and it shows.

From Ambius brand standards

Examples from the Ambius Brand Guidelines