Citgo Rebranding Has Things Covered

July 7, 2011 - 11:21 pm

CITGO logoWith station refreshes beginning to appear throughout Chicago this summer, CITGO has begun to realize its goal of rebranding its entire network of 6,500 locally owned CITGO branded gasoline and nearly 200 CITGO Fast Lube stations across the US. According to last August’s press release, the design was intended to enhance the visual impact of branded locations, be easy to install, and withstand the elements.

citgo rebranded canopy

Old station brandingBy all appearances, the new branding approach seems to achieve these objectives. Compared to the new street image, the old branding seems as flat and uninspired as it could possibly be.

The CITGO trimark has always had a powerful, dimensional quality to it since its introduction in 1965. Its simplicity has made it a distinctive mark for decades; having a hard-to-explain timeless yet modern quality. This new application of the core brand elements and dimensionality look to be a success. In fact, the folks at CITGO like it so much they used the canopy to top their corporate website, presumably to keep all their web content dry and out of the rain.

Corporate website