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Meredith M’s Times Four

November 5, 2011 - 7:09 pm

meredith new logo

Unveiled in August of 2009, the new signature for Des Moines, Iowa based Meredith Corporation falls into the category of ‘most dramatically improved corporate identity’. Particularly when viewed next to its predecessor, the new Meredith mark clearly declares itself as the symbol for a world-class publisher and broadcast corporation. The old version, by comparison, suggested a regional, industrial print shop. One can imagine the creative brief for the redesign including the directive: “For Pete’s sake, lose the black!”

meredith logos side by sideThe symbol itself seems to work on so many levels. Besides reinforcing the M as monogram, its a visual reference to the brands roots as a print publisher with a nod to process colors on a printing press. The interlocking color bars also suggest a textile print such as a tablecloth, or a quilt; which aligns with the brand’s midwestern, women-oriented values. Even when reproduced at a very small size, the symbol is recognizable and takes on a dimensional gradient quality.

Despite the references to the past, this brand clearly has an eye towards the future. The signature as a whole feels modern and absolutely fresh. Well done. 4X.



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