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L.L.Bean Riffs on Classic Catalog Covers

January 29, 2012 - 11:52 am

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, L.L.Bean has decided to re-imagine some of their classic catalog covers. Shown below is the first of what presumably will be a series throughout 2012.

L.L.Bean Revisits Classic Catalog CoversThe company has also released a short behind the scenes video which explains how they took on this effort. Viewed up close, the details are striking, with enough Photoshop image processing and tweaking to give it a super-realistic illustrated feel… like Norman Rockwell meets Chuck Close.

Close-up comparisonIts a clever idea, and seems to have been given enough attention to the details that the new catalogs may avoid the fate of being immediately tossed in the recycle bin. Who knows, these covers may become collector’s items someday, like their predecessors.




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