Radio Flyer Brand Hitches Its Wagon To Legacy

April 26, 2012 - 1:04 am

Radio Flyer NameplateLongtime Chicago wagon and toy fabricator Radio Flyer is approaching its 100th birthday. This brand represents an object lesson in the value of truly understanding your brand’s heritage and respecting it. It would be difficult to not be impressed by the brand’s history as told on the company’s website. A young Italian immigrant comes to Chicago in search of a better life, works odd jobs before beginning to build wagons that would eventually become an iconic toy brand recognized worldwide.

Radio Flyer wagonThe reverence the company has for its brand heritage is apparent wherever you see the Radio Flyer name. Its products embrace the familiar deep red color and white reversed brand mark, whether its an old style classic wagon or one of their many new toy products; which include trikes, bikes, scooters, ride-ons, and other kids accessories.

The website follows suit with the same bold red; adding measures of thoughtful whitespace and rich, saturated photography. Ample space given for featured product photography gives the site a distinctly upscale, yet approachable retail feel.

Licence to FlyThey also offer a playful microsite for kids, License To Fly, which echoes the past with image of child in old-timey aviator helmet and goggles, and reinforces the brand as an enduring classic. Kids can upload a photo of themselves and get a customized driver’s license for their toy, our contribute a picture to a large mosaic image of a wagon. Good clean fun.

Radio Flyer is one of those great Chicago brands that’s recognized that ‘new’ isn’t always the best position to take, that sometimes its best to let your past be your guide when shaping your identity and your products. Past is prologue. Then is now. Sometimes being old-fashioned doesn’t make you irrelevant, it makes you stand out.