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New Mural a Great Addition to Chicago’s Addison Street-scape

July 6, 2012 - 11:17 pm

Muralist Raphael Lòpez, with the help of a group of community activists has created a very pleasing mural under a long neglected, but highly visible viaduct on Addison Street and the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood. Given the extended horizontal aspect of the mural, this panorama is the best way to view the artwork in its entirety; short of viewing the mural for yourself here.

For some context, here is what the viaduct has looked like recently; before the mural was completed. The site is unique, in that its highly visible from the intersection of the Kennedy/Addison on-ramp and from the high-volume traffic on Addison itself, yet it has somehow escaped notice as an opportunity for a mural project, until now.

A hat tip to all involved in making this mural happen. Check them out and ‘Like’ them on Facebook. It’s really a great addition to the visual landscape of Chicago. Here’s hoping that it will be maintained to withstand the elements, and the inevitable spraypaint taggers.


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